Terms and Conditions

Please read these Terms of Use (“Terms”) carefully – by accessing or making any use of semeykin.com, you are agreeing to them. You also agree to my Privacy Policy,  which sets out how we deal with semeykin.com users’ personal information and privacy,  as well as Delivery,  Cancellations,  Returns and Refunds Policies.

WWW.SEMEYKIN.COM (the “Website”) is owned and operated by Evgeny Semeykin Photography | Retouhcing (“our”, “us” and “we”).

If there is anything that you do not understand or need further clarifications on, please feel free to email us at info(at)semeykin.com

1.1. A contract between a User and semeykin.com for the purchase of a Product is created as follows:

a) The User places the order for a Product on the Site by pressing an order confirmation button at the end of the checkout process.
b) By confirming your order, you are agreeing to purchase the Product you have selected. At this point, we take payment for your order by means of your nominated Payment Method.
c) We will send to you a “Thanks for your order” email detailing your order for the Product, and other information we must provide to you.
d) When the Product you have selected in paid for, we will send you a “ready to download” email.

1.2. Note that semeykin.com may reject an order in certain circumstances, namely:
– Your order breaching the requirements of these Terms;
– The Product you order being unavailable;
– Our inability to obtain authorisation for your payment; or
– A relevant pricing or Product description error being identified.


1.3. If your order is rejected, we will contact you to confirm this and reverse the payment you have made for that order. You have the right to cancel your contract for the purchase of a Product, provided you notify us of the cancellation no longer than 14 days after the day of the purchase. We will refund the purchase price you have paid for the Product.

2.1. Our Privacy Policy governs all users of semeykin.com. By using or accessing semeykin.com, you give your consent to the content of that policy. If you do not wish your personal data to be handled in that way, then you must not use semeykin.com.



3.1. Users shall not use the Services in connection with the sending of any unsolicited messages, or to harvest or otherwise collect information about Users, including email addresses, without their express consent.


3.2. No User shall use any information regarding other Users that is accessible through the Services except as expressly permitted by these Terms. These Terms set out your rights and obligations, and those of semeykin.com (“we” or “us”), in relation to www.semeykin.com (the “Site”), any goods or services available through, and material of any kind accessible or relating to, the Site or us (the “Services”).


3.3. When we refer to “semeykin.com” in these Terms, we mean us, the Site or the Services, according to the context. You must take the time to read and understand these Terms. By registering with semeykin.com, you accept that you are entering into a contract with us under these Terms.


3.4. People who register for semeykin.com establish an “Account”, and become “Users”. Visitors to semeykin.com who do not become Users, but who nevertheless use the Site and affirm that they are bound by these Terms each time they access semeykin.com. You should be aware that these Terms may change from time to time.


3.5. Products semeykin.com provides Users with the facility to download digital lightroom and adobe camera raw presets, fine art and aluminium prints (we refer to those presets, prints as our “Products”), and to access those presets through the User’s Account. Semeykin.com also offers Users the ability to download/purchase:

a) a single Product;

b) a number of Products; or
c) a collection of Products.


3.6. Assemeykin.com evolves and changes over time, we may add Products or remove Products from our Services.



4.1. If we ask you to provide some information about yourself when you register for semeykin.com, you must ensure that this information is accurate and current. You may keep this information updated through your Account.


4.2. Note that we are entitled to treat anything done through a User’s Account, or by means of an email address, phone number or other communications method associated with that Account, as having been done by the User; it is up to the User to maintain the security of his/her Account.



5.1. When you place an order for a Product, you will need to supply us with details of a payment method, such as a credit or debit card, (your “Payment Method”) and other personal details so that we may process the order for you.


5.2. If you elect to store a Payment Method with semeykin.com, that Payment Method – with some of its details masked, for security reasons – will automatically be used; you may, however, be required to provide certain information (such as, but not limited to, a CV2 card security number) in order to proceed with using that stored Payment Method.



In the event that you supply or attempt to use an invalid Payment Method, or a Payment Method which has lapsed, an order made using that Payment Method will fail.


5.4. If we suspect that your Payment Method belongs to someone else or is one which you are not entitled to use, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate your Account at any time.


5.5. The same person may not register more than one Account. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate any Account which we reasonably suspect of infringing this requirement.


5.6. Important: You must ensure that the email address we hold for you is kept up-to-date and that you have full access to it – we will be sending you important messages there. So if you change email address, then you must change it on your Account. Should you provide an invalid email address or an email address that belongs to someone else, semeykin.com may terminate your Account at any time without notice.


5.7. You should not register as a User if you are under 13 years of age.



6.l. We do not intend to solicit or collect personal information from anyone under the age of 18 without parental consent. If you are under 18, you shall not use or enter information on this site, including without limitation, any Interactive Areas of the site without parental consent. Please contact Customer Services by email at info(at)semeykin.com, to obtain the necessary parental consent forms.



7.1. Please note that all refunds are subject to semeykin.com Customer Support Manager’s approval. We reserve the right to change or modify this policy at any time.


7.2. An individual download may be eligible for a refund, if it meets any of the following criteria:

  • Duplicate Download: If an identical image/size is accidentally downloaded multiple times.
  • Failed Download: If there is a technical problem preventing the successful download of the image. This may include a corrupt file, unexpected removal of image, or site technical difficulties. Please note that support must be contacted before a refund can be requested.
  • Poor Quality: This may include compression artifacts, noise, copyright infringement, blown highlights, hot pixels, or any other major quality defect (must be confirmed by a semeykin.com Customer Support Manager).
  • For all other refunds, we will return your money via the original purchase method. If you purchased with PayPal, we will refund the full amount to your PayPal account.


7.3. In the case of a credit card purchase, we will return the full amount to your credit card. Please note that refunds may take several days to process, depending on the nature of the purchase. Credit card refunds may take up to a full week to be accurately reflected on your card.


7.4. To request a refund, please contact support at info(at)semeykin.com



8.1. Credit card details are entered on a secured page and they are transferred using SSL or another technology, depending on what applies. Card details are processed via Braintree. We accept 3D Secure transactions.



9.1. We use reasonable care and skill to provide semeykin.com in accordance with our specifications for semeykin.com but: the Services are provided “as is”; and we cannot and do not guarantee that semeykin.com or the Services will meet your requirements, including (without limitation) as to the availability or speed of delivery of any User Content placed on or made through semeykin.com.


9.2. We shall have no obligation, duty or liability whatsoever in contract, tort (including negligence, breach of statutory duty and any other tort) or otherwise, save as expressly provided in these Terms.


9.3. Nothing in these Terms excludes or restricts our liability for fraudulent misrepresentation or for death or personal injury resulting from our negligence, nor our contractual obligations in respect of Products we agree to supply following our acceptance of your order. 

We, our agents, directors, officers, shareholders, employees and subcontractors will not be liable to you or anyone else, whether in contract, tort (including negligence, breach of statutory duty or other tort) or otherwise for:


a) any loss of revenue, data, business, anticipated savings, profits, opportunity, goodwill or reputation, or for any business interruption; or

b) for any indirect, special or consequential loss damage, costs or other claims, howsoever caused or arising.



Except as expressly stated elsewhere in these Terms, all representations, warranties, conditions and other terms, whether express or implied (by common law, statute, collaterally or otherwise) are hereby excluded, except in the case of fraud, or where such exclusion is not permitted by law.


9.5. For the avoidance of doubt, semeykin.com will not have liability to you or any other person in respect of User Content. We will not be liable for any failure to perform our obligations under these Terms caused by matters beyond our reasonable control.